Transformers and Inductors

High Quality, Reliable Power Transformers and Inductors for the Aerospace and Defense Industries

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Since 1961, Abbott Technologies, Inc. has been committed to providing high quality, reliable power transformers and inductors to the aerospace and defense industries. Our present magnetics library has approximately 12,000 designs and over 800 standard transformers approved to the new MIL-PRF-27 specification which supersedes MIL-T-27.

We also offer a vast range of Military-Off-The-Shelf (MOTS) magnetics, and Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) magnetics which have successfully performed in a wide range of demanding applications. We also specialize in the design, manufacture, and testing of Modified and Custom Magnetics.


QPL ModelsInput Freq. (Hz)PhaseConstructionOutput Power (VA)Output Voltages
M27/312-32250-651Grade 45-3005-220
M27/326-33150-651Grade 45-1705-120
M27/332-337380-4201Grade 57-2005-120
M27/338-343380-4201Grade 52-1755-220
M27/350-354380-4201Grade 515-1005-115
M27/344-349380-4203Grade 590-3755-200


Military-Off-The-Shelf (MOTS)

Model FamilyInput Freq. (Hz)PhaseConstructionOutput Power (VA)Output Voltages
P50-651Grade 45-3005-1000
6C50-651Grade 45-1705-120
6DM380-4203Grade 5200-30005-200
4A380-4201Grade 510-2005-120
E380-4201Grade 52-1755-1000
TM380-4201Grade 515-1005-115
R380-4201Grade 51.5-2.55-300
4D380-4203Grade 590-50005-200
TL3-100KHz1Toroidal inductor8.0-10,000uH
TH/TVDC-250Hz1Dual inductor6.0-10,000uH


Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (MOTS)

Model FamilyInput Freq. (Hz)PhaseConstructionOutput Power (VA)Output Voltages


For any Inquires regarding S-Model Numbers, please contact us for more information.