Custom Magnetics Header built for military applications
Modified and Custom


Abbott’s design team is experienced with a broad range of magnetic technologies, and can develop solutions to your magnetic problems in a very short amount of time. Our custom designs reflect the same high standards and conservative design margins as our standard products. The table below describes our standard capabilities.

Our designs comply with MIL-STD-454, and MIL-PRF-27F. Special testing can be performed on these units to demonstrate compliance with MIL-STD-810, and MIL-STD-202. Other testing is available upon request. Abbott has it’s own testing facility with advanced equipment used to simulate extreme electrical and environmental conditions in addition to many years experience testing magnetics to a wide of Mil-Specs.

Many custom requirements can be satisfied by modifying an existing product which can shorten the time needed for delivering the initial prototype. Often, we can qualify a modified standard unit to various MIL SPECS by SIMILARITY, thereby reducing testing costs. We have the capability of providing customers QPL qualification on their custom or modified standard designs.

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Capabilities Include

  • Device Type
    Power Transfomers (single and multiple phase)
    Signal Transformers
    Planar Transformers
    Pulse Transformers
    Switching Transformers
    Multiple and Complex Windings
    Instrument Transformers
    Magnetic Amplifiers
    Passive Filters
    3-Phase AC to DC converters (500 VA to 10 KVA)
    Pulse-Forming Networks
  • Size
    Subminature up to 750 Lbs.
  • Frequency
    Up to 1 Megahertz
  • Construction
    Metal Cased
    Epoxy Cased
    Hermetically Sealed
    Open Frame
    Conformal Coated
    Diallyl Phthalate Cased
    Hermetically Sealed Headers
    Turret Terminals
    Hooked Pins
    Lead Wires
    Quick Disconnects
    Surface Mounts
  • Mounting Options
    Thru Hole
  • Connectors
    Terminal Lugs
    Standard DSUB