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For nearly 60 years, Abbott has been a leading source for power conversion solutions for some of the most demanding real-world applications that require unusually high levels of reliability and performance

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Abbott was originally founded in 1961 for the express purpose of providing quality power conversion products to the Aerospace and Electronics Industries. At the center of this purpose was a philosophy that all our products would be designed with conservative design principles. In a very short time, Abbott became a substantial supplier among Aerospace and Defense Companies for their critical applications where failures could not be tolerated.

Since the 1960s, Abbott has established a solid reputation for quality and reliability.  Our products were extensively used on many of the critical systems through the Vietnam War, the Cold War, the U.S. Space Program, Desert Storm, the Afghanistan Campaign “Enduring Freedom,” the Iraq War “Operation Iraqi Freedom,” and continue to be used today when reliability is imperative™.



Abbott Technologies has served many programs in the aerospace, defense, transportation, and communication industries for over five decades. Customers include departments of the U.S Government, armed forces, and major prime and sub-contractors.

The primary mission at Abbott Technologies is to provide customers with the best reliability and cost of ownership, ensuring performance in critical applications with outstanding customer service and dependability.

  • We maintain full configuration control of our products, ensuring consistent, reliable performance over the full life of a program.
  • We do not obsolete products and work closely with customers from consultation and prototyping through full-rate production and legacy support.
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Flight Controls

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Naval VesselsFire Control


Army VehiclesBattlefield Computer

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Command/Control and Communications
TransportationAircraftFuel Systems

Flight Control

Hydraulic Supply

Utility Actuators

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Abbott Technologies’ products have been deployed in some of the most demanding applications that require high levels of performance and reliability.

With an expansive design library and a broad range of ruggedized standard products that are factory configurable, we can support a variety of different applications.

All products are tested to the most stringent procedures across many MIL-STDs and published specifications are conservatively advertised as reliability remains our primary objective.



Abbott Technologies is headquartered in Southern California within easy reach of the airports servicing Burbank and Los Angeles.

Abbott’s AS9100 certified manufacturing facility is constructed to exacting specifications for the design, development, assembly, test, and screening of power products. The plant is designed to operate efficiently in high volume production runs as well as low volume prototype quantities.

Manufacturing is performed to the highest quality standards and driven by an advanced, integrated ERP system.

  • All assembly performed to IPC-610A standards (with soldering to J-STD-001E)
  • Workmanship per MIL-HBK-454
  • 100% Quality Inspection



  • AS9100 Certified
  • 100% Quality Inspection
  • Robust Counterfeit Parts Program
  • Comprehensive On-Site Testing Capabilities
  • 334416
  • 334419
  • 335311
  • 335999
  • 36-065-1954
  • 58910
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