The Power Of Customization; Build To Print

All customers are unique, and so are their power requirements. That’s why Abbott Technologies offers power solutions in three flexible tiers:

  1. Fully customized
  2. Modified
  3. Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS)

1. Fully Customized:

Abbott Technologies offers from-the-drawing-board full customization, which has earned the company its stellar reputation as a team of design experts. Each custom project is managed as a collaborative team effort from inception to First Article approval to production.

Abbott Technologies experts partner with our customers to identify their requirements, and then brainstorm in our “war room” to conceptualize, develop, and then model and fabricate power solutions, and test and redesign (if necessary), and test again.

Oftentimes, customization is essential to meet very specific environmental requirements.

These could include temperature, altitude, shock, vibration, fungus, humidity, salt, fog, and even explosive atmospheres. Abbott Technologies’ components can withstand missile attacks, sub fires, and more. Thanks to our Engineering team’s advanced customization capabilities, Abbott converters provide diverse, robust power solutions for a variety of applications.

Test drive the Abbott Technologies Custom Design Form!

You can “build” and customize the perfect power converter unit for your specific application using the Abbott Technologies online Custom Design Form. Follow the link to select which product features you can modify using this form. You can choose various options: mechanical size, operational temperatures, specific MIL-STD environmental compliance, and more. Give it a test drive!

2. Modified:

When you need reliable power in a unique installation, an out-of-the box solution might not perform to your particular specifications. For example, you might need to tweak the current, voltage, or other output components of the converter, or you might need to modify the converter for a specific environment.

An Abbott Technologies modified product is the perfect solution if you have special requirements. If a commercial off the shelf (COTS) product doesn’t offer all the necessary features, you may be able to economize by adjusting a standard Abbott product with minor modifications to provide the specific output and conditions to power YOUR unique system, without incurring the NRE of a fully-customized design. Ask your Abbott Sales Rep if a Modified product is best for you.

3. Commercial off the Shelf (COTS):

For many applications, an off-the-shelf product does the trick. With no need for modifications to the out-of-the-box converter, costs and delivery lead-times are greatly reduced.

A COTS product from Abbott Technologies is a dependable alternative. While it may be purchased as a standard plug-and-play product, it adheres to Abbott’s rigorous quality testing, thereby ensuring the “Rock Solid Reliability” we’ve insisted on for over 55 years.

To learn more about how Abbott Technologies can help you modify or fully customize a product to meet your specific application, call (818) 504-0644 or Toll Free (800) 367-8200 today, or email us at On the other hand, if you need an off-the-shelf COTS power source quickly, then don’t hesitate to ask us. We’d be glad to acquaint you with our standard products, too.