5 Reasons QPL Matters

The U.S. government’s Qualified Products List (QPL) is a list of products that have been rigorously reviewed and tested to ensure they meet a specific set of quality and performance requirements as defined by the Defense Supply Center. To get on the list, products must pass a series of stress and performance tests every five years. As part of its commitment to a lean operations strategy that adds value to customers and exceeds their expectations, many of Abbott Technologies’ products consistently pass these tests and can be found on the QPL.

For customers, quality is not an option. It’s a critical component of ensuring the military system is logistically supportable. To that end, the QPL program maintains configuration control ensuring that QPL products provide, “superior performance, quality, and reliability,” explains Joseph Gemperline, Chief, Sourcing and Qualification Unit, Defense Supply Center, Columbus.

QPL isn’t just a buzz word, it’s a commitment. QPL matters to customers for a long list of reasons. Most importantly, QPL means:

1. Products are available for purchase through the federal government.
Procurement is smooth when customers buy products from the QPL.

2. Products meet specific standards of quality.
QPL standards are extremely specific, so there is no room for ambiguity.

3. Products pass rigorous quality tests.
QPL testing is stringent. From analyzing control charts, performing acceptance testing, and sampling, no stone is left unturned during the review process.

4. Products are free from defects.
The QPL review and testing process confirms that products are defect-free.

5. Products are reliable.
If a product passes all of the tests and review steps to get on the QPL, you can feel confident that it will deliver superior quality and performance.

You can read more about the specific analyses and testing performed during the QPL review process in the Qualified Products List General Qualification Information document published by the Defense Supply Center Columbus. All Abbott QPL products can be found in our catalog.