Combatting Counterfeiting

For aerospace and defense firms, product obsolescence and the ability to get parts for older equipment at reasonable prices are real challenges,  but those challenges are exacerbated by the influx of counterfeit parts across the supply chain. Counterfeiting is a growing problem that not only costs customers money but also puts mission-critical and safety-critical military and aerospace activities at risk.Aircraft being constructed in factory

In support of the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act, Abbott Technologies has a comprehensive plan and set of procedures in place to ensure counterfeit parts are never purchased or used. “We understand that the whole is only greater than the sum of its parts if none of those parts are counterfeit,” says Karina Robles-Veloz, Purchasing. “Quality is in the sum of the parts, and that is why Abbott Technologies only works with trusted sources and authorized vendors. We take every possible step to guarantee the highest quality and reliability in every product we manufacture.”

Today, it can be difficult to detect counterfeit supplies, parts, and materials. Counterfeiters use sophisticated methods and fake certifications to hide their substandard quality, making it even more important for manufacturers and customers to do their due diligence and ensure counterfeits never make it into the products they manufacture or purchase. “Even the tiniest, seemingly benign counterfeit part used in a safety-critical or mission-critical product could compromise the outcome,” says Albert Rieker, Operations Manager. “Manufacturers and customers must work together to secure sound products, and the Abbott Technologies team is committed to combatting counterfeiting.”