Spring 2015 Newsletter – Now Available: New CM1000 Improves SWaP by Nearly 50%

Abbott Technologies Spring Newsletter

The CM1000 has undergone months of rigorous testing since Abbott Technologies first announced it was in pre-production last year. We’re happy to announce that new CM1000 units are now available to military and industrial customers who need higher power output in the harshest environments.

1000 Vatt AC-DC Switchers

The new CM1000 improves SWaP (size, weight, and power) by 50% and provides twice as much power. “These improvements have a significant effect on systems that use the CM1000,” Abbott Technologies Engineer Dave Newton explains. “For example, improved SWaP translates directly into longer mission times and increased payloads in unmanaged aircraft systems.”

At the request of our customers, Abbott Technologies is currently adding backward compatibility to the CM1000 product line. That means existing systems using CM500 and CS500 power supplies can seamlessly upgrade to CM1000 supplies, which have identical connector pinouts and mounting provisions. The first backward compatible CM1000 is scheduled to ship this May.

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The data sheet can be downloaded here and pricing information can be obtained by emailing Wayne Lovett at Wayne.Lovett@abbott-tech.com or call 818-504-0644.