50/60 Hz Universal Isolation Transformers 6J


  • 3 phase and single phase models
  • All units feature electrostatic shielding
  • Multiple taps for a wide range of input/output combinations
  • 250VA-15KVA, 3 phase 250VA-10KVA, single phase

Input Primary:
Input/output Voltages:
Reversible, allowing use of transformer in step-up or stepdown application.

3 Phase
Suffix A WYE 120/208V: WYE 120/208V
Suffix B WYE 120/208V:DELTA220/240V
Suffix C WYE 120/208V:DELTA 440V
Suffix D DELTA 220/240V:DELTA 220/240V
Suffix E DELTA 220/240V:DELTA 440V
Suffix F DELTA 440V:DELTA 440V

Single Phase
(see schematic for various voltage combinations available through series/parallel connection.)

Suffix H 120/240V primary to 120/240V secondary

Suffix K 120/240V primary to 220/440V secondary

Input Frequency:
47-65 Hz

10% or less no load to full load.

Dielectric Withstanding Voltage:
2000VRMS, 60HZ, for 1 minute.

Operating Ambient Temperature:
60 Degrees C Max.

Adjustable Voltage Tap:
Allow adjustment of output voltage, (use of tap on primary side raises output approximately 5%).