400Hz MIL-PRF-27 Power Transformers E


  • Military Designation TF5S03ZZ.
  • Encapsulated, rugged MIL-PRF-27 transformers.
  • Capable of operation at high temperatures.
  • For airborne, missile and space applications.

Input primary:

115 V AC, 400Hz ±20Hz, 1 phase.


Size A: 12% or less no load to full load.

Secondary Voltage Tolerance:

Within 5% when measured at full load and 115 V AC input.

Dielectric Withstanding Voltage:

2500 V AC.


Ranges from 86% to 96% typical.

Operating Ambient Temperature:

85°C maximum.


To MIL-PRF-27F*, Grade 5, Class S.


Encapsulated to meet MIL-STD-810, including vibration, shock, sand, dust, humidity, saltspray, fungus, sunshine, rain, explosion and altitude (to a vacuum).

NOTE: For high altitude operation, encapsulate terminals.

Output Secondary:

See output voltage and current of specific models listed.

Other outputs and/or inputs available upon request.