Abbott Technologies, Inc. is a leading source for power management solutions for some of the most demanding real-world applications that require unusually high levels of reliability and performance. For more than 50 years, major prime contractors and their subs in the aerospace, defense, and transportation industries, as well as departments of the U.S. Government and all branches of the armed forces, have used Abbott products successfully when rock solid reliability is imperative.

As a result, Abbott products have achieved an outstanding reputation for reliability, technological innovation, and service. These products include:

  • Comprehensive line of military transformers and other custom magnetic components
  • Wide range of AC to DC and DC to DC military power supplies, as well as high-reliability products specifically designed for industrial, telecom, and railway applications
  • Family of air- or water-cooled transformer rectifier units for military applications
  • Series of bulk converters for specific military applications

All Abbott products reflect the commitment, experience, creativity and pride of our employees, along with the design expertise of one of the most respected professional staffs in the power management industry. Our product designers and application engineers work in close collaboration with our customers to design and develop the most creative, efficient, reliable, and cost effective solutions for their power management needs.

Our products have successfully performed in:

Aircraft Weaponry, Navigation, Flight Controls, Night Vision, Fuel Systems, Flight Control, Hydraulic Supply, Utility Actuators, Flight Recorders
Missiles Guidance
Radar Surface, Base/Shipboard, Tactical
Naval Vessels Fire Control, Communications
Army Vehicles Battlefield Computer, Ordinance Loading
Satellite and Space Systems Command/Control and Communications
Rail Communication Systems, Controls
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Abbott is headquartered in Southern California and within easy reach of the airports servicing Burbank and Los Angeles. Abbott’s manufacturing facility is constructed to exacting specifications for the design, development, assembly, test and screening of power products. The plant is designed to operate efficiently in high volume production runs as well as low volume prototype quantities.