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5 Critical Factors for Selecting UAV Power System Components

Features 5 Critical Factors for Selecting UAV Power System Components AUVSI 2013 – The Future of UAV Introducing CM1000EC Power Supplies The trend toward replacing pneumatic and hydraulic actuators and controls with electrical controls has placed an increasing burden on the unmanned electrical power distribution system. That means the UAV design team member who is […]

Environmental Challenges of Power Supplies, Part 3

Temperatures, moisture, condensing atmospheres, radiation… these are some of the foremost environmental hazards that manufacturers must plan for when designing military power supplies, but there are even more potential environmental challenges that must be considered. One more consideration that power supply manufacturers must be able to design solutions for, and it’s a big one: the […]

Environmental Challenges of Power Supplies, Part 2

Power supplies used in military applications must be able to operate in all types of environments, but any good student knows that environments are so much more than temperature. Temperature hardiness is important, but there are other factors that determine a military power supply’s environmental suitability as well. One of these is moisture. From humidity […]

Environmental Challenges of Power Supplies, Part 1

One key difference between commercial and military power supplies is the range of environments in which they are built to operate. As you may have guessed, military power supplies operate in a wider range of environments than commercial power supplies. That is because power supplies used in military applications are expected to operate in a […]

When Should You Upgrade Your Military Power Supplies?

Upgrades: We’re all used to them by now. Whether it’s the iPhone 5, iPad 4, Windows Phone 8 or another new version of a favorite device, manufacturers are continuously elevating the quality of the consumer electronics we use every day. Likewise, military power supply systems are not exempt from the upgrade cycle. Just as popular […]

Military Power Supplies vs. Commercial Power Supplies

In both military and commercial applications, every electronic system needs a power supply. As is the case with commercial power supplies, the three configurations of military power supplies are AC to DC, DC to DC and DC to AC; consequently, some may be inclined to believe that military and commercial power supplies are one and […]